Quinnipiac University Community Relations

Good Neighbor Policy

Off-Campus Housing Task Force

Our Off-Campus Housing Task Force is the main contact for area residents and elected leaders, partnering to enhance the well-being of our shared community, informing the public of community interest projects and events, and sharing other efforts and opportunities that will bring our community together.

John Sullivan
Hamden Police Chief

Monique Drucker
QU, Vice President and Dean of Students

Ralph DiFonzo
Hamden resident and landlord

Lynn Fox
Chief of Environmental Services, Quinnipiack Valley Health District

Lille Gaeta
QU, Student Government Association (SGA) representative

Bo Kicak
Hamden Police Deputy Chief

Daniel Kops
Hamden Planning and Zoning

Bob Labulis
Hamden Building Inspector

Mick McGarry
Hamden Town Council President

Gary Merwede
Hamden Fire Chief

Bethany Zemba
QU, Vice President (of Community Relations) and Chief of Staff

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