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Opportunities and Resources for Older Adults

We are an Age-Friendly University

An age-friendly world enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age. Quinnipiac is proud to be a member of the Age-Friendly University (AFU) Global Network

AFU Age-friendly University Global Network

Principles of an Age-Friendly University

Quinnipiac University values continued learning throughout all stages of life. We are committed to age-inclusivity, where members of every generation are acknowledged, respected and given the necessary resources to thrive—both individually and as a group. Established by Dublin City University as part of their development of a global network of partners, these core principles of age-friendly universities have shaped how Quinnipiac approaches teaching and learning models for students.

  • Encouraging the participation of older adults in all the core activities of the university, including educational and research programs.

  • Promoting personal and career development throughout the second half of life and supporting those who wish to pursue second careers.

  • Recognizing the educational needs of all older adults, ranging from those who left school early to those who wish to pursue graduate or doctoral programs.

  • Facilitating intergenerational learning via the sharing of expertise between learners of all ages.

  • Widening access to online education and providing multiple opportunities to participate.

  • Ensuring that the university’s research agenda is informed by the needs of an aging society and promoting public discourse on how higher education can better respond to the varied interests and needs of older adults.

  • Increasing the understanding among students regarding the longevity dividend and the increasing complexity and richness that aging brings to our society.

  • Expanding access for older adults to the university’s range of health and wellness programs as well as arts and cultural activities.

  • Engaging actively with the university’s own retired community.

  • Encouraging regular dialogue with organizations representing the interests of the aging population.

Quinnipiac’s Committee on Age Inclusivity

Two OT students teach an older adult how to take a selfie using a cell phone

This committee works with administrators, deans, faculty and staff to bring the principles of an Age-Friendly University to life across campuses.

Many members of the Quinnipiac faculty have advanced degrees, training and board certifications in gerontology and geriatric professions. In addition to continuing active programs of teaching, clinical practice and research related to aging, this cohort — known as the Quinnipiac University Committee on Age Inclusivity — prioritizes five areas of emphasis across Quinnipiac's Mount Carmel, York Hill and North Haven campuses.
Priorities include:

  • Awareness: Raising awareness of the impact of ageism and ways to foster age-inclusivity.

  • Connection: Enhancing communication and collaboration across all university groups and providing opportunities to collaborate for synergistic action and progress toward age-friendly university goals.

  • Inclusion: Understanding that the university community is strengthened by faculty, staff and students of all ages and committing to support all individuals.

  • Curriculum: Maintaining and expanding existing curricular content and creating new offerings focused on age-inclusivity, intergenerational connections and aging-related topics

  • Community: Nurturing existing partnerships and building new ones in the community.

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